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ACME EVO Flat White Cup 150ml - Dolphin

Tax included


- dishwasher safe,

- elegant and durable porcelain,

- soft creamy interior of the cup,

- easier to hold while drinking and pouring into a cup,

- more balanced, stackable,

- tapered cup rim for a more pleasant drinking experience,

- thicker walls maintain coffee temperature longer,

- a smoother interior makes it easier for the barista to pour in the frothed milk,

- Available colors: dolphin, feijoa, kokako, rata, penguin, whale, milk.


Capacity: 150ml

Color: dolphin / grey

Height: 59mm

Fits saucer with 140mm diameter.

To see matching saucers go to this link saucers 140mm!


The cup is perfect for the famous flat white and matching milk drink on single or double espresso. It is also an elegant solution for pour-over coffees. It has the now world famous ACME ear, which is large, very comfortable and allows you to hold the cup firmly.

The cup is made of thick porcelain, which keeps the temperature of the coffee longer, however, profiled in such a way that the rim is thin.

We are often asked why these cups are so thick? They are not good for drinking! In this case, drinking hot coffee gives the impression of drinking it in thin porcelain. This is a desirable characteristic of the EVO cup collection.

As each of us probably knows, the dolphin is grey in color and that is where the color of this cup is called ACME. Probably most of us did not have the opportunity to meet the dolphin in person, but who knows what the future will bring. :)

Product Details

Porcelain Size
150 ml
Color Porcelain Acme