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KALITA Tsubame Copper Dripper WDC 185

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KALITA Tsubame Copper Dripper WEC 185

Kalita Wave due to its small size is ideal for any kitchen and bar. In addition, its original design makes it fit into any interior. It is in the shape of a truncated cone with a flat, round bottom, in which there are three holes. Kalita is made of the highest quality materials, thanks to which it is so durable. The beautiful appearance of the copper-coated Kalita is sure to catch the eye of many people, and it is also very lightweight, which is a big advantage. The solid handle makes it very stable. The Kalita 185 model is ideal for preparing 3-4 cups. The process of preparing coffee is very easy, so both beginners and professionals will easily manage to brew coffee using it. Another plus of the simplicity of preparation is that every cup will taste the same. However, it is worth experimenting with the coffee grind thickness, temperature and water volume and let Kalita reinvent our favorite coffee. The wavy walls make the coffee open perfectly during brewing to surprise us with its full and complex taste. Thanks to the design of the filters used, the water does not accumulate on the walls but flows immediately into the wavy zone, preventing the appearance of an overly bitter aftertaste. The flat bottom ensures even extraction and consistent flavor, as the coffee brews evenly across the surface, both in the top layer and the bottom. Its small size allows for precise control during brewing.


Product overview

A flat-bottomed dripper with three holes. Contact between the dripper and the filter is kept to a minimum to encourage smooth coffee extraction. Our Wave drippers allows beginners and professionals alike to make a delicious cup of coffee.

Made in TSUBAME.

Tsubame, famed for their high quality metalworking. This product, engraved with the "Made in TSUBAME" mark is proof that this product has undergone Tsubame's strict quality control procedures.

Product weight:227g

Product information

Materials: Copper

For 2 to 4 cups

Use with wave filter 185

Product Details

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