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NitroPress Syfon 1000 ml

Tax included

The Original NitroPress™ NitroPress™ offers a simple approach to preparing and serving nitro drinks. Use the NitroPress™ siphon and original cartridges filled with pure nitrogen to prepare original cocktails, coffee or tea with a thick, creamy texture and delicate foam with a naturally sweet taste. Turn your usual cold brew into a new experience and easily serve not only Nitro Coldbrew, but also cocktails and even Nitro Martini.

Nitro Coffee first hit the market in the US a few years ago and is considered an alternative method of serving cold coffee. The NitroPress ™ works with similar principles as the full nitro system. The siphon head, along with a special nozzle, uses pressure to produce cascades of fine, creamy foam similar to that found in stout beers.


Capacity: 500 ml

Benefits and Features:

- Quick and easy to use,

- Easy to clean after use - can be washed under running water or in the dishwasher,

- Kept in the refrigerator keeps your drink fresh for a long time,

- Very efficient drinks - each lasts for about 2-4 coffees,

- Allows you to experiment with any ingredients, - Capacity: 500ml

- Allows you to prepare ready-made nitro coldbrew and to prepare the concentrate.

- Note: Cartridges sold separately - not included.

Instructions for use:

1.Fill with ingredients (add ice if needed)

2.Screw on the diffuser head firmly, make sure it is tightened securely.

3.Insert the pure nitrogen Coffee Cocktail Charger ™ cartridge into the charger holder.

4.Tighten the holder with the cartridge until you break the seal and hear gas entering the Nitro Press.

5.Shake vigorously and you're done!

6.Squeeze the trigger and pour your nitro into the clear glass. Tip : If you are storing your Nitro in the fridge, shake the diffuser before each serving for a creamy consistency.

Warranty : The Original NitroPress ™ is sold originally packaged and comes with instructions. This product comes with a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

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